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Dr. Glenn Leavitt is a leading OB-GYN and surgeon treating patients from throughout southeastern Idaho at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. Dr. Leavitt not only leads the practice but also provides a variety of services to patients including laparoscopic hysterectomies, tubal reversals, infertility treatments, bladder repair, and care for pregnancy including in-office ultrasounds.

Dr. Leavitt completed his bachelor’s degree at Idaho State University before completing medical school at the University of New England. He served his residency at Maine Medical where he was able to gain hands-on experience in surgeries and assisting high-risk OB-GYN specialists. During his residency, he participated in thousands of surgeries and delivered over 900 babies. Dr. Leavitt chose to specialize in micro-invasive surgeries because of the improved outcomes for patients including less scarring, quicker recovery, and a reduced risk of infection. Dr. Leavitt has dedicated his life to helping women lead healthier and more active lives, and he looks forward to meeting new patients soon.

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