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The doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho, offer bladder testing and repair services to women from throughout southeastern Idaho.

Bladder Testing & Repair Q & A

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What is Bladder Testing?

Bladder testing determines the health and function of a patient’s bladder. In addition to urine sample testing, which checks for blood or proteins in the urine to determine if a bladder condition is present, the doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare may use a variety of other tests including:

  • Urodynamic tests determine how well the bladder functions
  • Cystometry to measure bladder pressure during storage and evacuation
  • Uroflowmetry tests the speed and volume of urine flow
  • Cystography allows the doctor to see the bladder and supporting structures with the use of dyes and x-rays
  • Cystoscopy uses a thin tube with a light and fiber-optic telescope which is inserted into the bladder via the urethra to view the inside of the bladder
  • Ultrasounds and MRIs are also used to look at the bladder

Why Would I Need Bladder Testing?

The doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare may order bladder testing to diagnose the cause of urinary incontinence, chronic cystitis, painful bladder or frequent urination, problems with emptying the bladder completely, or issues with starting a urine stream. Women who experience any of these conditions or symptoms should seek medical attention. While some conditions affecting the bladder can feel embarrassing, the doctors are professionally trained and experienced in helping women with bladder issues.

What is Bladder Repair?

When a physical issue in the bladder or the supporting pelvic floor is the cause of urinary incontinence or other condition, the doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare can perform minimally invasive bladder repair surgeries. These surgeries may include the placement of a mesh support for the bladder or repairs to the pelvic floor itself. If the bladder is damaged or if large bladder stones need to be removed, the doctors can also remove the stones and repair the bladder. Minimally invasive surgeries are performed whenever possible as the outcomes are better for the patient.


Words from our patients

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    "All were amazing and really helped me feel comfortable, especially in high stress situations. All of their staff is so kind and welcoming to everyone as well."

    McKenzie W.
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    "I figured it was one to leave a male point of view for this guy. Dr Leavitt has delivered all 3 of my children. Perhaps the most personable doctor I have ever met."

    Aaron B.
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    "He has a wonderful bedside manner, spends all the time you need answering any questions and/or concerns, and most importantly you're never rushed..."

    Verified Patient
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    "I really felt like they all cared about me and my health and overall wellbeing. Scott even called over a weekend to give me my test results!"

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    "Talk about friendly staff and Doctor!! He always has the time. His bedside manner is the best! Pregnant or not, you are #1 priority. I will never go elsewhere."

    Verified Patient
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    "As a first time mom, I could not be more satisfied with my experience at Leavitt Women's Center with Dr Adams as my OB! All around great people!"

    Rachael H.
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    "I went to Dr Adam's for my 2nd pregnancy and I have never felt so comfortable with a doctor's office like I did this one."

    Jenna H.
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    "I had an incident a few days after I gave birth at 2:00 in the morning; where other offices wouldn't be available Dr. Leavitt answered the phone after just two rings."

    Kelly K.
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    "With every birth Dr. Leavitt always made sure I had wonderful experience and included my husband in every delivery. I'm so thankful I had him as my doctor."

    Jamie C.
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    "I have had one appointment with Dr Adams and he was very nice and took time to get to know me."

    Angie M.
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    "They are very professional & Dr. Leavitt always took the time to talk to me! I never felt rushed during an appointment."

    Kristina B.
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    "I couldn't have chosen a better doctor to care for me and my baby! Dr. Leavitt went above and beyond for us and was willing to answer every question!"

    Danielle L.
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    "Dr. Adams has been absolutely amazing! The pregnancy has been a little rough and he was always more than willing to answer any questions and address any concerns I had."

    Alicia D.