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Infant Circumcision Specialist

The doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho provide infant circumcision services to new mothers and their new baby boys from throughout southeastern Idaho.

Infant Circumcision Q & A

  • What is Circumcision?
    • Infant boys often have their foreskin, a layer of skin that covers the glans of his penis. This quick surgical procedure is often performed before the newborn is even released from the hospital, although if the baby is not healthy, circumcision may be postponed. Circumcision is entirely elective. There is no medical reason for the procedure to be carried out, although in American society, it is considered normal. Recovery from the surgery is quick and usually does not cause any complications.
  • Why Do Parents Choose to Circumcise Their Sons?
    • Some people believe that circumcision is more hygienic as a discharge can build up under the foreskin which can lead to odor or infection. However, with proper cleaning technique, this can be avoided. For some people, circumcision is a religious practice, and others want their sons to look the same as their father or peers. Circumcised penises also have a lower risk of contracting a urinary tract infection. The doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare have many years of experience in performing this routine surgical procedure and would be happy to assist any family who wants to circumcise an infant.
  • What Happens During the Circumcision Procedure?
    • The procedure only takes a few minutes. The penis and foreskin are cleaned, and an anesthetic is applied. Then, a special clamp is applied to the penis, and the foreskin is trimmed away. After the procedure, petroleum jelly and a bandage are applied to prevent the penis from rubbing against the diaper and becoming irritated. After surgery, the bandage will fall off the next time the baby urinates, and parents will need to keep the baby’s penis clean and bandaged until the skin heals, usually within 7-10 days. Parents should use a gentle soap and water to keep the penis clean and change diapers frequently to prevent a wet or dirty diaper from causing irritation.