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Bone Manipulation Specialist

Women from throughout southeastern Idaho benefit from the osteopathic training of several of the doctors at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare, located in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The specially trained doctors are able to provide bone manipulation treatments to ease some of the physical discomfort associated with pregnancy.

Bone Manipulaton Q & A

  • How Does Bone Manipulation Help Pregnancy?
    • The health and well-being of a pregnant woman are essential, and bone manipulation can have a positive effect on both mom and child. Proper nervous system and spinal function aids healthy development of the baby and can help the mother feel comfortable and fit throughout her pregnancy. The effects of bone manipulation during pregnancy extend beyond treating pain. By ensuring that the pelvis and spine are in proper alignment and able to move correctly, bone manipulation can ensure that the developing baby has plenty of room to grow within the womb. Maintaining proper alignment, motion, and strength throughout pregnancy can also increase the mother’s chance of having a safe and natural delivery.
  • Why Should I Have Bone Manipulation While I’m Pregnant?
    • A woman’s body goes through many physical changes during pregnancy affecting the alignment of the spine and the positioning of the pelvic bones. The increased curve of the spine, protruding abdomen, pelvic changes, and postural adaptions are often the root cause of much of the discomfort experienced by the mother. In order to maintain optimal health and well-being throughout pregnancy, many women find that bone manipulation protects the alignment of their spines and pelvises resulting in less pain and a stronger, healthier body. In some cases, if your spine and pelvis are out of correct alignment, it can make it difficult for the baby to move into the correct position for delivery.
  • Is Bone Manipulation Safe During Pregnancy? 
    • Yes, when carried out by a trained osteopathic doctor, spinal and pelvic adjustments are safe during pregnancy. The osteopathic specialists at Leavitt Women’s Healthcare have had special training in the care of pregnant women and the many changes the body goes through during gestation. Additionally, many women choose bone manipulation because it doesn’t involve the use of any drugs or medications that may not be safe for the development of their babies.