15th Anniversary Contest | Leavitt Women’s Healthcare
Leavitt Women’s Healthcare

All are welcome to enter! Anyone can win!


Dr. Leavitt's  15th  Anniversary  Contest  Rules

Win  one  of  these  amazing  prizes!

1st Prize

$200 Amazon Gift Card


$100 Xhale Day Spa Gift Card

3rd, 4th & 5th PRIZES

$50 Costco Cash Card

How to ENTER and get POINTS!

1. LIKE our Facebook Page

2. POST your CUTEST baby or baby-bump Picture in the COMMENTS of the original Facebook Anniversary Post that is PINNED to the top of our Facebook Page:

  • Baby pictures can be of you or your child.
    • They do NOT need to be of a child that is currently a baby.
  • Pictures MUST be appropriate content for all ages or will be deleted.


  • Add the hashtag #drleavittdelivers to your post.


  • Get your family and friends to LIKE your photo.

5. WIN!

  • We’ll tally up the likes and points and whoever has the most WINS!

ADDITIONAL POINTS will be given for:

  • Following Leavitt Women’s Healthcare on Instagram
  • Captioning your Photo with an explanation of what Women’s Health means to you.
  • Adding to your caption-> how Dr. Leavitt has blessed your life.
  • Your picture is a THEN &/OR NOW photo of your baby that Dr. Leavitt has delivered
    • Add additional hashtag #drleavittbabies


  • Submitted by October 31st, 2020
  • Located within the reasonable serviceable area of Southeastern Idaho